ABOUT - Mr Tym


Hello, my name is Tym(sounds like time). FormPhotography is a culmination of a lifetime love of photography. When I was eight, my Grandmother gave me two Kodak Eastman 100's.  I quickly figured out that I could manually advance the empty film spindle. Then when I pushed the shutter button, it would click as if I really too k the picture. At eight years old, I became fascinated with capturing images, even though the shots I took were all in my imagination.

Twenty-seven years later, my imagination continues to drive my love of photography. Whether I am shooting head shots for CEO's or building portfolios for tattoo artist, the excitement I get during every shoot continues to grow. I love the challenge of building lighting schemes to make you and your business look your best. 


FormPhotography focuses on bringing professional, studio  lighting to your location. I never have to worry about missing a shot because of weather or lighting, indoors or out. Though I may have my interest and personal style, every session is catered to your individual or business needs.

My business and passion thrive on variety and new challenges. One of the reasons FormPhotography specializes in business and lifestyle photography is the unique quality of the subject matter and locations. After 27 years of shooting, I have captured just about everything under the sun. Now I use that experience to your advantage. 

Getting Started

Every project and client is scheduled for a free consultation. My aim, is to determine the scope of the project; taking into consideration your needs, wants, resources, location, scheduling, final editing, deliverables and style. I prefer to meet in person, but phone  works as well. After the consultation, I prepare an estimate for your review. Which includes both parties involved, scope of project, when and where, and the line item pricing and services. After reviewing the document, when everything is in order, I send a confirmation document that serves as the final contract when signed by both FormPhotography and you the client. 

Often times, clients wait until the last minute to contact their photographer about a new or potential project. At FormPhotography, I encourage you to treat all of your projects like a wedding. Call or email well in advance. Take advantage of well thought out and planned sessions, available scheduling, securing locations and models, financial and physical preparations, and creative development. Contact FormPhotography now and let me help you do some of your Homework:






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